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A collection of scientific images

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2024 12:00 -
Friday, July 5, 2024 16:00
Location: Moonstone Building - Big Microscopy Lab (124.UG1.41G)
Series: Public outreach event

In many ways, imaging technologies have become an extension of our senses:

As a versatile scientific tool, they can extend and shape how we understand ourselves, and the worlds around us. For the 5thanniversary of the BRIDGE Network, scientists across the member institutes were invited to submit images emerging from their research, showing glimpses of their research, laboratories and subjects.

The BRIDGE Network is an informal platform of scientific institutions on three continents that share two common missions: conducting world-class research and training PhD students. The name of the network stands for


The collection mirrors the multitudes of research fields within the network and in many instances blurs the lines between scientific observation, documentation as well as the image becoming the actual center point of a researcher’s inquiry. From artificial organ-like microstructures used in medical research up to clusters of galaxies at the edge of the universe, and all the proxies in between, the images loosely cluster into the sectors HUMAN / MODEL / WORLD. Through a play of scales, methods and subjects, the clusters blend into one another as a nod to scientific inquiry expanding continuously and multidirectional.

For larger groups (from 15 people on) there is the possibility of requesting an additional time slot.

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