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Expanding the accessible chemical space by utilizing traditional organic chemistry, small transition- metal catalysts, and enzymes

Date: Thursday, August 8, 2024 15:30 - 16:30
Speaker: Julia Reisenbauer (Caltech (Arnold Group))
Location: Sunstone Bldg / Ground floor / Big Seminar Room B / 63 seats (I23.EG.102)
Series: Chemistry Colloquium
Host: Bartholomäus Pieber

Modern advancements in various fields, such as medicine, agriculture, and material sciences, rely on
the synthesis and application of organic compounds. Continuous efforts to improve synthetic routes
for efficiently accessing these targeted products stem from the development of innovative
methodologies to construct and modify chemical scaffolds. Significant progress in organic synthesis
has recently enabled the selective functionalization of the periphery and the remodeling of molecular
skeletons. In this talk, diverse synthetic methods, spanning traditional organic chemistry, transition-
metal catalysis, and biocatalysis are presented. The complementarity of these strategies facilitates the
implementation of efficient syntheses to generate compounds for their application in various areas of
chemical space. Advancements in ring expansion reactions mediated by the insertion of a nitrogen
atom into carbocyclic cores are showcased, facilitating the construction of highly desirable N-
heterocycles. Additionally, functionalization reactions catalyzed by nickel-based small molecular
catalysts or engineered biocatalysts are demonstrated as useful tools due to their unique capability for
selectively introducing functional handles. Overall, the versatility of these methods enables unique
synthetic pathways that include diverse opportunities for the field of organic chemistry.
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